People for SharePoint

Quickly find people in your organisation, exploring their details and relationships

People Directory is a modern SharePoint page web part that helps users easily find people in your organization by allowing them to search based on multiple user fields and navigating their relationships with other colleagues and teams.

Search results appear as sleek profile cards in a fully responsive layout that blends seamlessly with SharePoint. Selecting a result opens an elaborate profile view which contains more detailed information about a person. From here, you can navigate through your organization by selecting different people to view their profile. You can also configure the add-in to control visible features, adjust the search scope and customize the result cards to create a unique search experience.


Quickly search for people

Search users across multiple fields such as name, role, skills, department etc.

Results appear as sleek profile cards in a fully responsive layout that blends seamlessly with SharePoint.

Show groups, teams and departments

Show only members of a team or department by adjusting the search scope with a predefined search query, such as show all users in the ‘Marketing’ team

Explore a user profiles, their relationships and teams

View in-depth user profiles that include contact details, organization hierarchy, relevant files, teams and groups.

Explore a users teams/organisation relationships directly from the users profile.

The ‘relationship breadcrumb’ keeps track as you move through those relationships ensuring you never get lost.

Embed throughout your sites and teams

The responsive layout means it is at home on any SharePoint page or Team tab and any mobile device.


Customize the search result cards to include different content such as your custom AD user properties. Different icons can also be added to allow links to external sites/systems

Or why not completely change the style and layout by providing your own custom CSS.

Create complex queries using Keyword Query Language or FAST Query Language

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