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Themes and Web Parts for SharePoint

Based on common goals to provide the best intranet Solutions to our clients, our partnership with BindTuning enables us to supply and deliver great looking SharePoint intranets, that are packed full of functionality and available on all devices.

Products available from BindTuning include Themes, Web Parts, and Tools, providing a suite of products that work together to produce great Intranets. Combined with our knowledge of SharePoint we can utilise these products to deliver outstanding results.

BindTuning Intranet Screenshot

BindTuning Themes allows us to provide beautiful looking SharePoint Sites on either Office 365 or On-Premise. The themes can be deployed as CSS only, providing best practice approach to SharePoint branding customisations. Each Theme comes with a number of responsive page layouts allowing pages to display their content on any device.

Utilising BindTuning Themes and Web Parts helps create highly functional SharePoint sites that are feature rich and responsive. Providing a great look and feel across all devices. The Web Parts include news, sliders and tiles, plus many more. We can help you make the most out of the web parts, turning them into solution building blocks.

Additional tools that are available from BindTuning can refine the SharePoint experience further. The tools allow the SharePoint ribbon to collapse and the inclusion of Parallax scrolling for a unique look to your site.

BindTuning Partner

Why we partner with BindTuning

The BindTuning products help us provide a great service to our clients, and enhances rather than restricts the services we offer. The products adhere to best practice guidance from Microsoft, and work within the framework provided by SharePoint.


BindTuning Intranet Theme

BindTuning Themes provide a robust solution to branding your SharePoint environment, which is much quicker than a custom solution but provides enough flexibility with their choice of themes to make the Intranet your own. Delivering the branding to our clients in a fraction of the time, allows us to concentrate on providing business changing functionality.

Web Parts

The array of web parts available, and the simplicity of use makes the BindTuning web parts stand out from the crowd. The web parts also come with their own web part property editor, providing a rich interface for admin and power users. The less time we spend on creating bespoke features the more time we can spend delivering great business value to our customers.

Our BindTuning Services

We know BindTuning… If you are looking for help with implementing an Intranet or other solutions based on BindTuning products, we can assist. With extensive experience of utilising the their products, you can trust us to help you make the most out of your investment and help produce the solutions you are looking for.


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