Office 365 Event

First Steps for your business

Event Overview

Join us for a free breakfast meeting to discuss the basics of Office 365. This event will focus on what is included with each offering, and how Microsoft 365 or Office 365 fits into your business.

Aimed at businesses curious about adopting a cloud approach to their IT strategy. The session will explain how to move to the Microsoft cloud, what the benefits are, and what the future would look like for their users.

We’ll explain all the included services and what the possibilities are. Office 365 is far more than files and email in the cloud, it’s an extensive set of services that can help change your business for the better, while keeping up to date, and reducing IT costs.


What is Office 365

What is Microsoft 365

File storage on-premise vs cloud

Email on-premise vs cloud

Quick walkthrough the licence options


Storage Space



Email migrations

Data migrations

Application migrations

Domain migration




Always up to date

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Microsoft 365 Event

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Office 365 – First Steps for your business

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