Introduction to Business Process Automation

HappyWired's expert view on.... How to make Business Process Automation work for your organisation How would it feel not to have the ‘Did the customer get those key documents?’ worry at night? Or never again to process an invoice? That is the liberation promised to business by Business Process [...]

Are you getting the most from Office 365?

Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud has great benefits over traditional on-premise only networks such as greater reliability, improved security, and scalability. However for the majority of businesses once they've realised these benefits it's back to business as usual. For the businesses who have moved to Office 365 that could mean a massive [...]

Wireframing BindTuning Intranet Pages on SharePoint with Balsamiq

Here at HappyWired we've created a set of BindTuning symbol libraries for use in our favourite wireframing tool, Balsamiq ( Having pre-created symbols allows us to quickly iterate through layout and styling options to present to our clients, or typically live on a webinar or in person. Utilising a wireframe tools allows the conversation to [...]