Has your business had problems with spreading internal news? Employees always saying that they didn’t see the news in their mail box? This was a problem for our customers, it was hard to make sure that everyone was engaging with the internal news. People needed a central portal where they could get their news and one which allowed them to access it any time. Our customers want us to create a solution that inform and brings the company together. Making sure that everyone within the company is up-to-date and contributing towards the community.

Therefore, for most of our customers we provided a news solution. Our news solution allows customers to quickly create eye-catching news post while including graphics and rich formatting. Giving users the ability to catch up on all the internal and external news. Mobile users will get a rich experience, with our news solution providing a fully responsive page making sure that there are no limits to accessing company news.


  • Range of layouts – Choose how you would like to display your news with astonishing layouts. From the very basic displays to something more elegant with smooth gradient.
  • Categorise the news  Use colour to categories all your news post. Making sure that users will never miss out on the news they care about.
  • Full control of your news  Change how the news in presented, our news solution gives you full control on the title, thumbnail and summary of the news post. Make sure that your articles are eye catching.
  • Interactive News –  Allow users to comment and like news, creating a conversation between the authors and audiences. Include other interactive elements into your news such as forms, power bi dashboards and others. Making sure that your audience has all of the facts and figures.


  • Accurate and Transparent communication  Provide a rumour free work environment with interactions between the different levels of management. Help your employees to accurately interpret company communication, reduces the chances of misunderstanding. Transparency has been voted as one of the top factors to achieve employee’s happiness and satisfaction in the workplace.
  • Create a better working Environment –  Having good internal communications systems help to create an open working environment. An environment where employees feel free and happy to express themselves in turn benefiting the business with diversity in talent. Ultimately, there no better advertisement for your business than happy employees.
  • Employees engagement –  Our news solution helps to create engagement between the business and employees, allowing news to be shown on one central portal that everyone has access to. The rate of engagement has improved for majority of our customers with users now more aware and engaged with the business`s day to day running.

Technologies and Skills

  • Microsoft Flow –  Send emails and notifications every time a new news letter has been published. Making sure that everyone within the business is always informed when something new has been posted.
  • RSS feed – Is there a country, region or category you would like to keep up with? Have a RSS feed connected to your news and receive current news so that way you can never be behind on current affairs.
  • SharePoint – Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork. Seamlessly collaborate across the organisation with the use of team sites.