The guys at HappyWired took the time to understand our requirements and then quickly delivered a solution that exceeded our expectations in both the ease of use for the employee and our ability to quickly understand what the data is telling us. A job well done
Andy Ball (Director), Peak Indicators

Our client wanted to build a better workplace for its employees in order to retain talent, grow revenue and increase productivity.

A Survey app, built on the PowerApps platform by HappyWired, available on phones or tablets or in the browser, provided a comprehensive employee satisfaction survey that can detail aspects of employee satisfaction, job satisfaction, employee engagement, work environment, employee relations, and more. Encouraging employee empowerment, motivate employees, and boosting employee morale, whilst indirectly gauging employee satisfaction.

Now our client had this valuable anonymous survey data, they needed actionable insights to help identity where improvements could be made, and introduce company initiatives. Dashboard’s and reports, distributed and shared to management provided these actionable insights through trend and graphical analysis, cross tabulation and filtering, all powered by the PowerBI platform within their Office 365 tenant.


  • Anonymous responses – Allows employees to feel free to voice their feedback, ensuring accuracy of surveys
  • Countdown reminders – Notifications are sent out to all invited participants on approaching deadline to encourage their engagement and improve feedback quality
  • Cross platform – Removes the barrier that any device can be used by the participant to submit their response in order to increase the response rate
  • Analytics provides actionable insights – Use employee feedback to drive positive management resolve to potential employee pain points and influence corporate initiatives


  • Measure Employee satisfaction – The most common reason to survey employees is to determine their satisfaction. These surveys benefit companies as they obtain specific employee perceptions and opinions, which can then be addressed by management for planning purposes.
  • Measure employee engagement – Assess how engaged and dedicated employees are to their job and the company as a whole. Satisfaction Surveys are beneficial because once you uncover the engagement level you can take steps to increase it. These surveys focus on a variety of elements including role clarity, accountability, communication, recognition and working relationships. Satisfaction surveys allow a company to identify strengths and areas for improvement in regards to the job role, department or company.
  • Examine workplace climate – Assess the strengths and weaknesses of a company from an organisation-wide perspective. Satisfaction Surveys solicit employee feelings, opinions and perceptions regarding the organisation’s climate or environment. Satisfaction surveys are also useful as they can measure employee understanding and commitment to the company’s mission, vision and company change

Technologies and Skills

  • PowerApps – Provides the cross platform participant survey app, allowing responses to be submitted from any device.
  • Flow – Defines the business process when a Survey is published, distributing survey invitations (email) to invited participants and send out reminders when survey deadline approaches
  • PowerBI – Turns a survey’s responses in to actionable insights through trend analysis and visualisation
  • Azure SQL Database – Cloud hosted database to store surveys and their anonymous responses to support the clients desire to scale up to millions of survey participants and its analytics