Our client needed a new approach to delivering projects, one that would address issues with accountability, improper risk management, poor communication and inadequate planning.

The Project Room solution allows you to start managing projects on your own terms. Each project can automatically map out the best strategic path against strategic business drivers defining its gated stages and tasks, whilst providing time management, simple planning, team collaboration and document management with co-authoring – all integrated together for a seamless user experience that’s available everywhere, any device and completely Office 365 cloud powered.

With the power and flexibility of the Office 365 platform our solution provides a great foundation to extend and customise as needed to perfectly align with how a business needs to deliver projects.


  • Plan projects with ease – Stages and tasks help organise complex projects in to easily manageable phases and work items, whilst Task boards provide a clear view of progress for team members and ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Collaborate seamlessly – Team members and clients from near or far can work together on tasks, documents through real time team conversations
  • Keep track of time – Everyone working on a project can easily log their billable and non-billable hours against the tasks they are working on.
  • Track tasks – Log tasks and track them as they get completed. Define custom workflows and business rules.
  • Team workspace – Access the latest version of all project documents from anywhere. Work together on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets using our solutions integration in to Office 365 .
  • Standardise your project approach – Each project can predetermine the best approach for a scenario against strategic business drivers automatically, defining its stages, gating logic and common tasks.
  • Cross platform and device– Any device can be used by a team member to collaborate on a project with support for Mobile phones, tablets and desktops


  • Better decision Making – To make the right decisions you need data, with the rich visuals provided by Project Management solution, you can have strategic, top-down perspective and tactical bottoms-up perspective. With clear visuals, project teams can reprioritize and reallocate when and if necessary.
  • Manage risk – In most cases project risk is predicted without the use of any business logic. Failing to correctly set project risk can derail a project. With this Solution, you can have agreed on risk parameters meaning each project risk can be set with agreed best practices. Create a united business solution that works for multiple projects reducing the risk of the project in terms of business impact.
  • Prevent project overruns – Allow project managers to know exactly how the team is spending their time on a project. Enable team members to be able to state how long each task is taking them with comments to explain progress been made on a task.
  • Enable repeatable success – Project management solution creates an environment that can lead to repeatable and expectable success. The solution will provide your entire business with a framework and technology that continuously meets the agreed business objectives. Providing The process can be continuously improved by learning from previous projects.

Technologies and Skills

  • PowerApps – Provides the cross-platform app, allowing use from any device.
  • Flow – Defines the process for project setup – provisioning its stages, tasks, MS Team, project workspace site with document templates, the logic used to determine stage completion (gates) and project completion notifications
  • Microsoft Teams – Chat, calls and meetings for project teams, along with integration to the SharePoint project team workspace site
  • SharePoint – Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork. Seamlessly collaborate across the organisation with the use of team sites.